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I can’t believe changing little habits could have such an enormous effect on my life. From the start Lori Ann guided me through tiny steps to change habits I didn't realize controlled my life. Every tiny steps she encouraged me to take seemed like nothing. But now looking back I see how those steps changed the way I look at myself. For the first time I can honestly say I love myself and who I am turning out to be.
Jennifer S

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Having Lori Ann for a health coach was very rewarding and has changed my life. It made me realize that we lead our life at a fast pace.  I received tips to relax and it made me realize how beneficial it is to my long term health.  It was nice having a call each week from someone who would cheer me on.  I have kept my weekly notes and am planning to hire her again in the future.  The coaching has changed my life........

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Lori Ann was so wonderful to work with!  She was so patient with me as I processed the news of my first pregnancy!  She helped me focus on being gracious to myself and my body through this transition.  She guided me to see the small successes I was having in my health when I could not see them.  Her accountability was priceless!  Thank you Lori Ann for your encouragement and personal care during this new, crazy, fun time in my life!  Allison B

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I had the advantage to work with Lori Ann.  It went all in and experience her 90 Day Intensive.  


Initially, I was scared of the commitment but as the weeks went on I found myself excited and looking forward to the next sessions. Always inspired for more and each session was without judgment, making it extremely easy for me to open up to Lori Ann


Lori Ann easily had me stretch out of my comfort zones into newer and healthier places. I now drink more water daily by making it a conscious requirement.  I am more aware of even my snacks - I always ensure that I have good protein for these in-between meals which has me more energized.


One of the hardest but most important stretch that I experienced was to learn to love myself. I now focus daily on letting myself know I am loved.


Lori Ann customized my sessions so get the maximum growth for me.. I remember early in my sessions she had noticed I used the word “try” often. So knowing that my children are into Star Wars, she quoted Yoda. “Do or not do. There is no try”. From that time on all my action steps were made achievable and empowering.  I was no longer stuck in “trying” but a small change in mindset has me now DOING!!

 Laurie M

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Lori Ann has been an awesome accountability partner leading and encouraging me through the steps to achieving my goal of optimal health. She has led me to a new awareness of “being mindful of my goals.”
I now have a better understanding of which foods are best for my body.  Through a guided experiment, I have been able to appreciate the kinds of protein that provides my body with the most energy.
My awareness around food has spread to my husband and I see him being more open to the positive changes. We are making better food choices in the grocery store and in our home by bringing in those foods that are the best choices for our good health. By using some of the new techniques, I have been sleeping so much better which has me waking up feeling more energized.
This has been such a positive experience with Lori Ann. I appreciate her insight, her sense of humour, and her gentle prodding me out of my comfort zone. We have covered tough subjects – but there has been absolutely “no judgment.” The process has had me setting weekly goals and acknowledging positive outcomes from each week. Throughout the process, Lori Ann has remained professional – but caring. Thank you, Lori Ann, for an amazing journey.
Linda M

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