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28 Day Healthy Eating Challenge  **Group Program**

28 Day Healthy Eating Challenge **Group Program**

Want to fast track your Healthy Eating knowledge?  This is an intensive program where you will learn a lot!  You will learn about making better choices for your body - your food, your movement, your mindset.  (group minimum is 7)


In this day of DIY and DFY there still does not exist an eating plan that will ever be your ‘Golden Ticket’.  Seriously… I know that this is perhaps not what you are hearing out here in this online space of health and wellness information.  Deep down you know that this is true. Heck, this could also feel like a relief - knowing this is true.


You have tried to follow that eating plan - and you just don’t feel so great after a few days.  You can’t quite understand how someone can eat like this - like, do people actually eat like this all.the.time? 


You have purchased those diet plans, those eating regimes - the ones with the promises that you will feel amazing, have more energy, and you just can’t stick to them.  I mean, you try to stick to the plan but there are just some things you don’t like to eat, or just don’t feel like eating. Or, how about this: you stick to the plan for a while and then you ‘fall off the wagon’ when you don’t see the results you were expecting.  You decide to restart and oh it’s so hard to stick to it and still believe it really will work this time.


Yah, that is what I am talking about.  Have you been there?


OK, back to you.


How about if you could be involved in a program where you could:


  • Accomplish goal setting

  • Kick your sugar habit

  • Learn portion control

  • Savour luxurious 20 Minute Meals

  • Reduce and control stress

  • Master proper water consumption

  • Enjoy magic plate meals

  • Oh, and… Lots and Lots More!


Call me to discuss your group’s need, size and goals.  


I can help build up your team.  


Everyone who fully participates will make big gains - er…I mean losses.   

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