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Reboot Session

Reboot Session

This coaching program is only for those clients who have been a client of the Find Your Fabulous 90 Day Intensive.   Our time together is specifically based on the premise that you and I have covered all the basics of the Find Your Fabulous 90-Day Intensive.    

This program is for you if:

** you are self-sabotaging and backsliding on the progress you have been maintaining, 

** you just need a ‘check-in', especially if you want to be reminded that you can let go of that self doubt that has you in losing-momentum mode. 

** you need a ‘kick in the pants’ to get you back on track to being the Master of Habit Change in your own life.  


Once you've experienced your Fabulous you don’t ever want to feel it slipping away.


"Small hinges swing big doors."

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