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Goals - Start With What's Commendable!

This month I have been talking about self-sabotage. What I really want to be talking about is all the fun stuff, health… nutrition...ways to make food delish… how to decrease your stress… or rather how to have more fun… cuz well, two birds, one stone kind of scenario. For those of you who were around last month you will know that I started out the year with goal setting when I brought you January’s blog. Oh, and on that note, I had a goal to do one blog each month - down from the one blog a week that I ‘should’ do. I hope that is OK with you. You see, since being back I have decided to do what feels right for ME so that I can best serve YOU. That has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? My goal was also to have the blog ready for the beginning of each month and when January’s got posted on the 31 I was sure that February’s would be posted in the third week of February. From there I would move it forward a week until April when I would have my time sorted out and be able to get it done in that first week of April. Need I remind you that it is the 28th of February and… um… I’m in my 5th paragraph of February’s blog… and yet… I am not giving up. I will not. I am going to prove to myself that I am going to win in this. Ok, stay with me I have so many thoughts swirling and… well… only have 10 hours to get them out before my deadline expires. Alright, back to the topic at hand… If you remember from that January post, and really... probably from your life experience, the stats are never in your favour when it comes to sticking to a goal. The expression.. “Only the strong survive” comes to mind as I begin to write this. Yes, maybe it’s because only those goals that are strong and goals that are matched to the right people will stand the test of time. Setting goals and achieving them is not for the faint of heart, you know. Anything, and I do mean anything that is worthy of our focus, of our time, of our attention, anything worth taking our precious time away from loved ones had better be noteworthy, right. And, hey, this is not just my opinion, I got this message from a very credible source, Paul wrote about it in Philipians 4:8 when he said,

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Really, this should be the criteria by which we live our lives. That means when choosing our words, our works, our thoughts, we use that criteria. Yes, even when choosing our goals. Starting from this template will surely set the stage for these goals to make an impact, right? They will just be that significant that they will make an impact - on that has a ripple effect not just on you but on those you surround yourself with, too. Just think about that, sounds amazing, hey?! You not only ‘should’ set your eyes on all that is honourable, just, pure… it is actually your responsibility to do that. Hmm… you know I set out to come at this from an entirely different perspective, a series of logistical and tactical practices around setting up for self-sabotage. Well, from where I sit, that is not what is happening at all. I hope this journey I am on as I write this for you is resonating with you. I have learned long ago to let go of what my thoughts are, usually my rigid guidelines I have given myself for my writing. I have learned to trust the voice that speaks to me that isn’t from my own head, the one that is my ‘intuition’... and what I actually know to be the Holy Spirit guiding me. Perhaps this ‘writer’s block’ - the reason I was struggling to get anything down here was because I wasn’t following the path I really was being guided to go. You see I have been sitting with this as ‘the’ thing I was going to do for at least 4 work sessions now. And before I sat down this morning, what did I have down? …. Um… well… nothing… a big ole glaring, empty, white page. So between writing for you here and when connecting with the gals in my group, The Happy, Health, and Energized Woman, my intention is always to come to you from the place inside me that is real. From that part of me that wants the best for you and wants to get to know you better. Are you looking for a place to find community amongst a group of amazing women? If so, then you will want to click that link.

So maybe, just maybe that’s it. That is the message. That is the lesson I was meant to hear again. God works that way with me… he tells me time and time again when I am not getting it the first 26, or 1026 times he tells me. I feel like maybe that is the message I was meant to give to you today. Wherever you start with your goals, whatever area of life you want to change, whoever you want to affect, or help… that you always start with those basic guidelines that he spoke to Paul and then Paul wrote out for us, so long ago. That whatever we do, whether it be goal setting, speaking, writing, teaching, guiding, loving - that we first ensure that it meets these guidelines. That it is or has this as the foundation:







Worthy of Praise

Yes, that we think about these things FIRST. The rest, yes the rest of what I was going to talk to you about today can wait. It has to. Just like building a house, the foundation must be sturdy and strong and ready to carry the load of your mighty and amazing goals.

Hugs, Lori Ann PS... about the other 'fun' stuff... it will come. I can't help but talk about it, so I can't help but write about it either. Stay tuned. PPS…

Are you looking for a place to find community amongst a group of amazing women - women who will soon call you a friend, then you will want to click this link ⇒

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** why high levels of stress are such a nuisance to all things health PPPS... BAM!! I'm done! Can I get a Whoop! Whoop! Cuz, it's still daylight out and you are going to see this posted to my site any minute now!

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