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Weight Loss

No Dieting - No Deprivation - For Realz!

You are lovely.  You are beautiful - yes, just now, in who you are at this very moment. And, you are here.  I pray that you are looking for hope.  You will find that here. I pray you are looking for someone who understands your struggle.  You will find that here, too. (For more community, you can some like-minded sisters in our facebook group Finding Your Fabulous Coaching at  


Sometimes it is not in the losing the weight, it’s about letting go of the weight because you no longer need it.  


My job is to help you find out what really needs to be done for you and by you to have you reach your goals around releasing that weight.   You see, sometimes it’s not just the things that your body needs for weight loss - you know better food choices, more movement, rest.  While those things are important -  it also is about considering what your heart needs to believe for you to be able feel safe enough to just let the weight go. Yeah, for some it is all about that.


Whatever the plan becomes for you in your weight loss journey, we will put together one that celebrates your individuality and helps you discover your true healthy self.

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