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Low Energy & Fatigue

‘Release Stress / Regain Energy / Renew  Yourself’

"Why am I soooo tired?"

It is quite natural for your body to tell you when you have exerted yourself and are maxed out.  It’s not only natural, it’s a healthy feedback message.  The issue is in constantly feeling tired.  You know, you get out of bed and just getting ready for the day, is work.  Uuugh, that was definitely my reality only a few short years ago. The simple act of getting out of bed - was work.  I was exhausted, and only a fraction of my day had gone by. I would struggle with how I would get through the next hour, every hour, EVERYDAY!  


It started so surreptitiously - with the birth of a baby.. Or two… of course I was supposed to be tired, that is just what comes with having babies.  Then having two toddlers. Then pregnant again, and now, three children under 3, one a newborn. I never suspected that this fatigue was building and that I should have felt like I could recover, like I could feel refreshed after a sleep or a nap - even the broken sleep that goes with nursing a baby.  At first, perhaps I felt a little rested, then that started to change.  To say that I never felt rested during the worst part of my energy challenge, was the absolute truth.  


My boys tell me that if the statement has ‘FACT:’ or ‘TRUTH:’ at the beginning or the end of it then it is just that:  a fact or the truth… so… here is my truth…


TRUTH:  I never felt rested.  I just went on for years and years, wondering.. Why the heck am I sooooo tired?


Some say that fatigue is a serious problem in our society, and it is!  And, yet our society also upholds it, revering it, really.  I mean, after all,we all know that we can’t get anywhere in life unless we are just doing way more than we should, way more than we can do well, and getting exhausted in the process? (she asked facetiously).   As if that state of being exhausted or feeling like we have so much in the works is a mark of being or becoming successful.  Now, except for those seasons in life when this feels like the it needs to be the case, this should never be the norm. We think this is the way it always needs to be and that is just not true.


Where do we end up?  Most of the time - as the king of the castle cuz we won the battle or at the bottom of the barrel cuz we just can’t muster the strength to move?  You know what this feels like, right?  You are probably feeling a little like you are dragging and just can’t catch your breath?  And you are probably feeling, if not a bit, but a lot defeated.  


Then comes comparing and despairing, and then worse still, we feel like we are not enough.  Oh, that is such a icky place to be. An icky and chaotic place to be.


And that is often where I meet my clients.


After connecting to discover what is really going on for you and then agreeing to work together, we come back together into a weekly coaching program.  Over the 12 weeks of the Find Your Fabulous 90 Day Intensive we focus a few key areas such as your stress, your sleep, your movement, your personal struggles.


There are so many lifestyle changes  that  get into a rested, and de-stressed state of being. Into that peaceful state of living and thriving


The best part is that my clients, after we have worked together for a while, are far from that icky place.  That previous place of chaos and fatigue.


I guess another best is (cuz I can have two ‘bests’) is that all the other aspects of your life will be just so much better just by getting you more rested - your health will benefit, your relationships will benefit, your calling or career (yes- this is especially true for at-home parents) will benefit, your spiritual walk will benefit, and your finances will benefit.  The ripple effect is expansive.  If you uplift any one of these areas in your life, you uplift all the others.


That’s just the way it works.


Get your vitality back and have the energy you need to do great things.

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