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Life Coaching

You are Enough!

A lot about what goes on in our lives and the triggers and the things that are happening to us are because of the ‘self - worthiness’ factor.  


I am Enough!  


Every human has a belief around this.  


It could show up as:

I am not enough - ever

I am broken

I am less than


Every single one of us makes that decision about ourselves.


The next step is crucial - do we stay here - in the muck and the mire.  Most times we do choose this for a time, or do we reach out for support?  


The critical decisions you make in any area affects all 5 areas of your life:

your health,  

your relationships,

your career / calling,

your spiritual walk, and

your finances.


Deciding that you are not enough in just one area causes that downward spiral in all the others.


I can help hold space for you as you venture out in the light of your BEST self, your BEST life.   


My guess is that since you are here, that you maybe looking for that support, for yourself or someone you love.  Seriously, when I was so sick, it was my husband that did all the research so that he could connect me to the those practitioners I needed to learn from so I could heal my body.   


So, whether you are here looking to grow in your awareness of self, to acquire more tools to deal with frustration or disappointment when things don’t go your way (cuz that happens and affects us on a profound level), or to just heal the things that are holding you back from believing that you are enough, you are in the right place.  


I will guide you through a discovery of what exactly it is that you are looking for support in, and then, even more importantly, what your ‘why’ is? 


That right there, is THE most important determinant of what will keep you going through the hard, the changes that you know need to happen. 


Next, we discuss the next best steps for you to take, with these two key elements in mind.  If working with me is that next best step - we celebrate, we pick the right program for you and we just get started.  


My goal for you will be for you to not only ‘think’ that you are enough, but for you to feel it.  Really feel it. 


Then comes THE best part - seriously THE BEST:  when we are done working together, I just know that you will be feeling unconditional love, compassion and acceptance of yourself. Radical self acceptance of yourself - not of the future you - of the present day you.


You Are Enough!

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